“Go ye therefore and teach all nations………” Matthew 28:19

Nothing in this world will ever be able to separate the children of God from the Love of Christ. This is a fact and apparently not many are aware of this fact. Then, would it not be our responsibility to tell those of the love of Christ? It indeed is!

We visit different villages to share the Gospel & celebrate the joy of being together with the villagers. We sing songs together, songs of various languages with lively music. We share our testimonies with them. We share the Word from Bible, with the help of God and the leading of the Spirit, we boldly proclaim that Jesus is the Way, The Truth and the life. We praise God that we also hear testimonies from people residing in those villages, we get many new contacts & few of them join us for Sunday worship.

We have a special session for the children from those villages. We teach them few new songs with actions which they sing with bright smiles on their faces. We know they love it. We tell bible stories and verses from bible.

Every time we visit these villages, we have love feast arranged by the people of village, we sit with them enjoy eating together!!!. We thank God for his leading in this ministry.